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Forwarding email to a gmail account has been blocked due to the high volume of spam email that is being sent. This has the potential to impact on the reputation of our mail servers.

To use gmail for your personal or professional email addresses ( for example) you can setup a POP3 account in gmail.

First create your email address in cPanel ( Choose Email Accounts in the Email section and click Create. Enter the first part of the address (yourname for example) and either enter a password or generate one. Be sure to store this password securely as you will need it later. If you have more than one domain attached to the account select it. Choose Create to create the email account.

In the Email Accounts list you will see your newly created address with 3 buttons beside it: Check Email, Manage, and Connect Device.

Click Connect Device to see the Mail Client Settings.

Open gmail in another tab or window so you can refer back to these settings.

To setup a POP3 account in gmail click on Settings and click All settings.

  • select the Accounts and Import tab
    - in the Check mail from other accounts: click Add an mail account
    - enter the email address from cPanel
    - leave Treat as an alias checked and click Next Step then Next
    - in Email address enter the full address
    - in Password enter the password for that email account
    - in POP Server enter the Incoming Server address (beginning with mail.) and choose port 995
    - if you want to leave the email on the server check Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server. Uncheck it clears email off the server
    - check always use secure server unchecked and click Add Account
    - select Yes and Next
    - check Treat as an alias then Next Step
    - in SMTP Server enter the Outgoing Server addresss and choose port 465
    - in user name the email address from cPanel
    - in password enter the password for that email account
    - leave Secure connection using TLS and click Add Account

You will then need to go to cPanel to verify the settings. In the Email Account list choose Check Email and then choose roundcube. Open the email sent from gmail and click on the link or copy the verify code in to the verification box in gmail. This is a required step!

From that point all mail sent to that address will go to the gmail inbox and clear the mail from your mail server. When composing email you can select the address from the dropdown in the From field.

Don't hesitate to contact GrassRootsDesign with questions of assistance setting up a gmail POP3 account.

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