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cPanel provides tools to manage your hosting service. The tools are arranged in categories; Email, Files, Databases, Domains, SEO and Marketing, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced, and Preferences.

Email is used to:

  • manage your email account,
  • create and remove forwarders,
  • setup auto-responders,
  • adjust anti-spam filters and more

Files contains:

  • File Manager a powerful tool to manage the files in your account
  • manage your FTP accounts
  • Image management tools
  • check your disk usage
  • create and manage backups
  • setup private folders and more

Databases contain:

  • tools to create new database and users
  • database wizards
  • manage databases with phpMyAdmin and more

Domains are used for:

  • viewing and managing domains
  • viewing and adjusting zone information
  • creating subdomains
  • adding aliased and addon domains
  • managing redirects

SEO and Marketing contains links to SEO and Marketing resources.

Metrics contains various tools to track website visitors.

Security contains tools to manage your website security.

Software contains links to various sources for website software and to manage your PHP version and setttings.

Advanced contain tools for more complicated features (recommend some research before using these tools).

Preferences are used to adjust the cPanel's look and your own contact data.

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